a) Can my wife/husband get my pension in a divorce.

b) How is a divorce split in a divorce

c) Is a divorced spouse entitled to my pension

d) Is their a time limit on a pension sharing order

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In the U.K. when you reach the age of 55 years you are able to receive 25% of your pension pot tax free.If you take more than 25% the percentage above is taxable.

It is important that you use a regulated financial advisor when deciding how to invest the money you take out . There are too many get rich schemes about being

​offered by some. Always remember if it sounds too good to be true it likely is not true. So always be careful with your money you have worked too hard to accumulate it.

Asset Management Advice

S.I.P.P.   is a self-invested pension plan and some use this to invest in property.

Investing in property is used by many however again advice by a regulated  financial

advisor should be sought .Also an investment in property is not easily realisable into 

cash so any investment should be balanced by your own personal needs in the future.

Also remember that any investment carries risk and investments can go up or down in

​value at any particular time.


Although none of us plan for divorce it sometimes happens.Being a difficult period both personally and financially our financial advisors can help you through this difficult time.

Many do not consider that pensions are an asset which is included in the settlement 

​of the divorce.


When we are young many of us do not think that retirement will come too early but it soon comes around.

In the U.K. the dates for receiving the state pension are moving ahead all the time and exactly how much do you want when you retire. Planning early is all important .

Pensions are only a part of planning for retirement .Building asset valuation and accumulation of assets is all important.