INVESTING IN YOUR FUTURE , a choice you should make early in your life.

When you come to investing you need to choose the type of risk that is associated

with each investment . When you get more experience with companies and asset investing you need to look past the front page. Some companies can tell you one thing and what they are doing can tell you another.

SIGNPOSTS , the way some companies are moving in a certain direction. No different to driving up a road and turning in a certain direction can give you an idea of the intentions of the direction the company is really going.

You then need to ask yourself 'why is this company doing this?' .

When the decision to invest in an asset , company or anything else it must be yours.The financial advisor can only advise.The final decision must be YOURS.

      Always use only financial advisors registered with the F.C.A.

At this point in time house building and conversion of commercial buildings into flats is immense in most parts of the U.K.and I wonder when they will find the market is saturated.

Mortgages are not easy to get for a lot of people. Renting is an option but this is getting expensive relative to people's incomes and those that live with parents will be reluctant to move till things get easier.

Another problem in the U.K. is not enough is being spent on infrastructure improvements 

where building is taking place.

Traffic flow grinding to a halt will soon be a problem and public transport is not as it should 

be .  It is time to create businesses where the population live rather than expecting long hours travelling.

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​It is also reported that the value of some commercial property in the U.K. may fall by up to 25%

This is  now really the accumulation of over expansion by many and the market correcting itself

by commercial property becoming vacant and unable to be let. Above some retail properties the area is being turned into domestic accommodation .This is not new as much of it was domestic

accommodation 50 years ago.

One of the problems which may also rise is the amount of commercial property bought by

​cheap capital borrowed from the government by local authorities. If they have to unload properties onto the market it will only depress prices more.

Mortgage Lending

It just shows that sales are not all going online as we are informed , it is reported delivering groceries from online ordering costs the food retailers approx £12 each delivery. How long can they keep doing that.

Also the clothing retailers are now restricing multi purchases in some respects to limit returns as returns are effectively not new clothes.Think on that on how much are returns

costing them? 

​ONLY use Financial advisors registered with the FCA  

You should always start to invest in

your retirement from an early age.

If not a pension straight away why not consider investing in an account that pays a reasonable  rate of interest and have the interset paid back into the account so it accrues

​as compound interest.

There is a lot of talk about making town centres into social areas . The reply to this is it will be limited to what social project can be situated in the towns by the size of there retail premises . Nice ideas are just nice ideas. Events that will attract visitors to the town need to

take place . Parking is something that need looking at  to the benefit of all involved.

The reduction or elimination of commercial rates by local authorities is a big plus.

What customers require is variation in shopping , modern places to have coffee and eats , 

not necessarily all large chains who really do not spend on upgrading their premises fast

enough leaving them dowdy. Shopping should also include better quality items not run of the mill stuff. 

And did you know that internet sales in the U.K is approx. 20% not the 60% that the public seem to have the impression when you ask them .It just shows that what is and what the

public perceives are not factually the same.

​Is this what some in retailing want us to believe ?

May 2019 (news )

It is reported that some of the supermarkets are getting out of Mortgage Lending.

They intend to sell their mortgage portfolio off to another company. Regulation of mortgages has tightened since the financial crunch in 2008. One does however need to monitor who is buying their mortgage when sold on by the original lender.

One of the problems the retailers and occupiers of commercial properties was that a lot of

them sold of the properties and used the capital to expand and some over expand. When

times, turnover and costs got difficult they had nothing , asset wise, to fall back on.

As the old saying goes,  slowly  slowly  catchee monkey still hold true.


​Education in all subjects you are interested in is a must . You cannot learn enough as things change, regulations change through the years . Always keep learning. Finance in particular.