At this point in time (May 2019) the interest rate on mortgages have come down and 

are causing some concern to the F.C.A. as the profitability of them is not helping those that supply the mortgages and may cause some of them financial problems further down the line. 

It is reported that the F.C.A. is looking into why it takes so long for pensions to be 

transferred to a new manager  . They consider the delay unnecessary .

May 2019

​Planning rules in the U.K. have now changed and became permanent to the extent that single story extensions can be put up under relaxed rules without a full planning application (contact local authority ) and businesses ( shops ) can convert unused space into office use without full planning application (contact local authority )

​This then brings a problem of parking within town centres which are limited already.

FINANCIAL INFORMATION for You as it changes.

The legislation with regards to tenants in a property you own changes in the U.K.

​this June . The Tenant Fees Bill 2017-2019 becomes enacted on June 1st 2019

If you rent out property in the U.K. you should read this bill to see how you  will be affected by the legislation.